Respect Indigenous sovereignty

The struggles for climate justice and for Indigenous sovereignty are bound together in the movement for a livable planet. Support for Indigenous peoples as they maintain Indigenous knowledge, traditions, laws and practices on traditional lands is not only a human right, it is critical to building a just, green future.

We demand:

  • Full recognition of Indigenous Nations at COP.
  • “Free prior and informed consent” for Indigenous peoples in legislation, development and decision-making, including national climate policy.
  • No more attacks on land defenders. RCMP off unceded Wet’suwet’en land – Stop CGL. RCMP off unceded Secwepemc land – Stop TMX. OPP and developers off Six Nations Treaty land.

Phase out fossil fuels

Climate science is clear – to avoid the worst extremes of climate catastrophe we need to rapidly change course. Key to this change is the shift from fossil fuels to renewable, zero or low carbon energy sources. 

We demand:

  • Commitment to Canada’s fair share at COP26: emissions reductions of 140% below 2005 levels by 2030, 60% domestically plus support for other countries.
  • No new fossil fuel developments and infrastructure.
  • An end to fossil fuel subsidies: fund clean-ups and upgrades out of profits. 
  • No false solutions, including natural gas/LNG, “blue” hydrogen, nuclear power, carbon capture, carbon “offsets” and carbon trading. 
  • Commitments instead, to fund energy efficiency and renewables, keep forests intact, respect Indigenous land rights.

A just transition for communities and workers

A just transition must centre and take direction from those most affected – workers in high-carbon industries, care workers, BIPOC and other communities marginalized or oppressed by existing systems. No one left behind! 

We Demand:

  • Support for a Global Green New Deal – measures that speed an equitable, caring, low-carbon future worldwide.
  • Scaled up debt-for-climate swap agreements.
  • Guaranteed good jobs and liveable incomes for all. Skills training and other targeted, progessive programs to help workers. 
  • Substantial Investment in green jobs — wind, solar, building retrofits, and the transmission grid, as well as in healthcare, housing, transit and social services.
  • Cleanup, justice and reparations for BIPOC communities to overcome environmental racism, including the First Nations reserve water crisis.

Global justice

The countries of the global north have benefited most from high-carbon economies, accumulating wealth and increasing emissions disproportionately. Those in the global south bear the least responsibility for emissions, experience the worst aspects of the unfolding crisis, and face debts imposed by banks and governments of the north. As one of the wealthiest, highest emitting countries, Canada must lead the way, taking on our fair share of emissions reductions and financial responsibility.

We Demand:

  • An increase in Canada’s pledge to the Green Climate Fund for climate mitigation, adaptation and green development in the global south.
  • An end to the environmental and social harm caused by Canadian mining companies abroad.
  • Respect for Indigenous sovereignty globally.
  • An “Emergency Pact,” as called for by the Climate Vulnerable Forum, including annual “Ambition Raising” platforms for high-emitting nations and an “Emergency Coalition” for debt restructuring.
  • That climate migrants are welcome and fully accommodated.